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Experience of smokers

Josef S.

Adiquit helps to find all reasons to quit smoking and reminds them at the right time.

Tereza B.

Thanks to perfect support form Adiquit I stopped smoking for the first time and alfer 21 years of smoking.

What is Adiquit

Adiquit is a scientifically validated, interactive mobile assistant that supports smokers through the quitting process in a humane way. Unlike in-person counseling, or impersonal quitting apps, Adiquit is a therapist in your pocket, available when it matters most.

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Adiquit was designed by leading tobacco dependence experts. This intensive treatment program based on clinically proven procedures provides smokers with daily professional support for up to several months. Treatment program efficiency has been proven in research studies amongst smokers. Compared to smoking cessation without professional assistance, Adiquit’s success rate is more than 6 times higher.

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Our team

Adam Kulhánek

Tobacco Dependence Expert

Vice-president of the Czech Coalition against Tobacco and board member of National Tobacco Quitline, Adam is an addiction specialist focusing on prevention, research and treatment of tobacco dependence.

Daniel Novák

Biomedical Researcher

Daniel has more than 20 years experience in the medical technology and data analysis. He cooperated on design of applications for diabetes education and management, interface for visually impaired people or telemedicine IT system for mental healthcare.

Roman Gabrhelík

Addiction Scientist

Roman is a psychologist and addiction scientist with an extensive training in various psychotherapy approaches. His academic work is centered around implementation, research, and education in prevention and treatment of addictive behaviors.


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