How it works

Adiquit is an innovative solution for those who decide to quit smoking, irrespective of number of unsuccessful past attempts.

Adiquit is: 

  • unique in many aspects;
  • interactive, two-month long and intensive therapeutic program, available 24/7; 
  • scientifically validated, according to the clinical trials quitting smoking with Adiquit is approximately six times more successful than quitting alone;
  • positive oriented and self-confidence building app;
  • based on the therapeutic alliance and uses the individual approach to the app user; 
  • offering an immediate help in case of acute craving by implementing the SOS button - SOS button that allows the user to ask for help when the strong craving for cigarette appears;
  • builds on a positive psychotherapeutic approach over time that leads to a strong relationship with the app user; 
  • arranges therapeutic situations to mimic an empathy-based approach much alike with a living therapist;
  • increases motivation of the app user by implementing the incentive therapy and buddy application to the treatment process;


How does it work

Adiquit application can be downloaded and installed on the smartphones that run on both, Android and iOS operating systems.

Once the user logs into the system, the two-month therapeutic program starts. The smoker is guided through the program by the virtual addiction therapist who interacts with the user on a daily basis (one morning session and several contacts during the day).  


The program has two phases – pre-quitting phase I: 10-13 days and quitting phase II: 6 weeks.

  • Phase I: During the pre-quitting phase, the app user smokes as usual and prepares for the cigarette-free life. After this ten-days period, the “Day D” when the user stops smoking comes and the quitting phase follows. Part of the Phase I is a trial period that consists of a few days. During this trial period the app user can familiarize with the content.
  • Phase II: Quitting phase is focused mostly on strengthening the user´s motivation to become a non-smoker, working with the temptations to start smoking again, preventing the lapse and on the lapse management.


Do you want to succesfully quit smoking?